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Before you start to dig, you need to know that it is safe to do so. One Call agencies in Canada and the United States are dedicated to safeguarding citizens and construction personnel who work around utilities and buried infrastructure.

United States
In the U.S., 811 is the national one-call number. Dialing 8-1-1 will connect you directly to your local one-call center. For more information about the national one-call number, visit

Most states require excavators to notify a local one-call center of any proposed digging or soil-disturbing activity at least two, sometimes three, business days before beginning any excavation. This is a free service.

When you call 811, the operator will redirect your call to your local state one-call center and request the location where you plan on doing work.  A locator will come to mark the locations where you can dig safely within a few days.

The recently launched Click Before You Dig website, at, represents Canada’s first national “one-window” approach for requesting the locations of buried utilities prior to ground disturbance. A minimum of two full working days is required in advance for all utilities to be located and marked via the process.


In the US
(2 business days in advance)

Calls to your local
One-Call centre are  free.


Dial 811 to be redirected to the One-Call centre in your area.


In Canada

Calls to your provincial One-Call centre are free.

British Columbia (BC One Call)

Alberta (Alberta One-Call Corporation)

Saskatchewan (Sask 1st Call)