Aux Sable's vision is to become a market leader in the midstream gas processing and NGL industry within selected regions of North America where Aux Sable can profitably develop and expand competitive advantages.

Responsibilities > Stakeholder Engagement

​Our stakeholders, including employees, communities, governmental and non-governmental organizations and industry colleagues, help shape our business environment and contribute to our success.  Aux Sable's Vision, Key Responsibilities, Shared Values, Code of Business Conduct and Environmental, Health and Safety policies and programs focus on the company's long term strategic plan and provide a framework for our interface with stakeholders.

A Core Value
At Aux Sable, proactive, ongoing dialogue and effective relationships with all groups and individuals that have a stake in Aux Sable operations or projects is a core business activity.  We are committed to enhancing stakeholders understanding of how our operations benefit  the local communities in which we operate.  Successful stakeholder engagement strengthens our ability to pursue new projects and assets, operate existing assets efficiently with safety and the environment being our top priority.  To better understand priorities and concerns, Aux Sable engages with local residents, school districts, local, state/provincial and federal governments, industry, business partners, non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations.

Diverse View Points
An ongoing area of focus is to engage and educate an increasing number of stakeholders with different needs and expectations in areas where we have operations and assets. 

Examples of local engagements in which Aux Sable employees are directly involved with include:

  • Grundy County Business & Education Partnership – Summer Internship Program
  • Three Rivers Education Partnership – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Teacher Curriculum Program and Outreach
  • Provide funding to support public safety and local security
  • Local community environmental initiatives
  • Employee Charitable Contributions Program