Aux Sable's vision is to become a market leader in the midstream gas processing and NGL industry within selected regions of North America where Aux Sable can profitably develop and expand competitive advantages.

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When you join Aux Sable, you’re joining an active midstream gas processing company. Through the Alliance and Aux Sable dense phase gas system, Aux Sable provides value added solutions for producers to effectively develop and produce natural gas liquid rich gas reserves. As our business is growing, we are creating exciting opportunities in the following areas:What Our Employees Are Saying 3.png

  • Administration                                              
  • Business Development                                                
  • Commercial Optimization and Development
  • Compliance                                           
  • Engineering                                            
  • Environment,  Health and Safety
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Human Resources  
  • Information Technology
  • Legal                                              
  • Operations and Maintenance                                
  • Public Affairs
  • Regulatory