Aux Sable's vision is to become a market leader in the midstream gas processing and NGL industry within selected regions of North America where Aux Sable can profitably develop and expand competitive advantages.

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Here's what our employees are saying about life at Aux Sable:

Environmental, Health & Safety:

"After working for Aux Sable for over two years, I must say, it is refreshing to be part of a company  that allows and encourages employees to engage in continuous education in safety. I've never worked with any other facility that has had this much support from upper management in order to keep their employees safe. My top priority is for safety and health at the Palermo facility and I have received excellent support."


Electrical Specialist:

"Aux Sable provides me with the flexibility to enjoy both the quality of life with work and with my family.  I feel that I am very well compensated for the duties that I perform, which include a very competitive benefits package and incentive program.  I have never worked for a company that has been so employee focused, giving me the ability to help others in various tasks. Aux Sable believes in growth from within. They cultivate future leaders by providing the proper tools and training to achieve success in any department. I feel like there is opportunity for me to grow as an Aux Sable Employee.  I enjoy the day to day challenges and the working relationships developed with colleagues as well as management, my ideas for improvement are always welcomed and this makes for an enjoyable work environment."


Process Supervisor:

"Working for Aux Sable has been a great experience.  The advancement opportunities presented to me have been amazing.  There is a wide support network throughout the company that fosters employee growth spanning all the way from the CEO through all levels of management.  I truly believe that I have grown extensively as a person because of all of the knowledge and experiences shared by others in the Company.  Aux Sable is a great place to work and grow."


Rail Yard Operator:

"Aux Sable is by far the best company I have I have ever worked for.  During my interview I was told Aux Sable believes in a high quality of life, and the company has lived up to my quality of life expectations.  Aux Sable takes care of its employees by promoting from within the company and giving employees the best opportunity for a successful career.  The rail supervisor is great to work for and has created an enjoyable working environment. 


Human Resources/Payroll Administrator: 

"At Aux Sable I feel I have been given the opportunity to really develop my career skills. My Manager is so supportive of my goals and I feel that there is always the chance to challenge myself.

Aux Sable offers competitive compensation and a flexible benefits package, as well as the opportunity to support charity endeavors in my community and enjoy social events with all Aux Sable employees.  I believe that the tools and training that is offered along with the prospects for career growth and the social activities on offer makes Aux Sable a wonderful place to work."