Aux Sable's vision is to become a market leader in the midstream gas processing and NGL industry within selected regions of North America where Aux Sable can profitably develop and expand competitive advantages.

About Us

Aux Sable is a significant player in North America’s midstream gas processing business, with facilities and pipelines strategically placed in some of the continent's most active shale positions, providing access to its most attractive natural gas and natural gas liquids markets.


Safety Focused, Responsible Corporate Citizen

Aux Sable has and continues to deliver outstanding safety, environmental and operating results. The company continually strives to meet high standards in these areas, to comply with appropriate financial and regulatory controls, and to be a responsible participant in the local communities where it has operations.


The Aux Sable companies are private companies. In the United States they are owned by Enbridge, Pembina and Williams Partners. Aux Sable Canada is owned by Enbridge and Pembina. See our ownership structure...

Aux Sable is operated by Pembina, The financial and commercial aspects of the joint-venture are managed by Enbridge.​